Frog Classroom Theme

It would be hard to guess how many hundreds of classrooms have dressed up the venerable Carson-Dellosa Weather Bear.

Step over now, Bear, ’cause the Weather Frog is in town!

Seriously, you can use the Carson Dellosa Weather Frog Bulletin Board Set to study seasons, graph the weather, liven up your morning calendar time, and clarify for the kids what clothes are best for what weather. There’s also the Funky Frog version and a spring version.

Just put the frog on the board in your calendar corner and dress him right for each day’s weather. Trend has done a related calendar set.

There are some other ready-made frog decoratives we like:

Myra from Carson Dellosa showed us how to add wiggle eyes to ready-made classroom frogs, and we have been grateful ever since. For centers, class big books, and so many other uses, the wiggle eyes are just the perfect touch.

You can make your own frogalicious centers, too.

frog classroom center

For this one, we put two frog cutouts with openings onto a base. We labeled them “Fact” and “Opinion,” but this center idea will work for anything that involves sorting.

We used smaller cutouts to write facts and opinions. We put them in a pocket, so students could sort them into fact and opinion by tucking them into the openings of the cutouts.

Use frog cutouts for your own special flash cards, word or number cards to fancy up your pocket chart, or Myra’s “Poke’n’Peek” centers.

Here’s how you make a Poke’n’Peek:

  • Write one or more math problems on the frog’s belly.
  • Punch a hole right by the problem.
  • Poke a pencil through the hole and turn the frog over.
  • Write the answer directly next to the pencil that peeks through.

Now the students can read the math problems, say the answers aloud, and then use a pencil to poke and peek and check their answers.

You can do the same thing with other kinds of questions. This is great for matching questions, vocabulary for foreign language (put the English on the back, or a picture if you want to stick with the target language only), and states and capitals or similar memorization practice.

I’ve tracked down some other froggy center-making ideas for you:

And in case you want to study frogs a little bit as well as frogify your classroom, here are a couple of links for that:

Set out some frog books from your classroom library. Here are some of our favorites:

Now you can Fully Rely on God in your Sunday School classroom, Read-it Read-it in your reading corner, Hop to It on your helpers chart, and Leap into Learning on your classroom door.


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