Sloth Classroom Theme

We’re not saying you should encourage slothfulness, but sloths are cute and chill. They can give a relaxed feel to your classroom and they’re sure to make you and your students smile. They can also be a perfect theme for a study of the rainforest, Latin America, or temperament. Sloth… Continue reading

Rapid Weight Gain in Infants

Chubby babies get lots of attention — they’re so cute! But rapid weight gain in infants can be a health concern. What is rapid weight gain? At your baby’s check up, a health professional will check your baby’s weight and compare it to the amount the baby weighed at the… Continue reading

Spain: A Country Study

  A country study can begin with location. Find Spain on a world map. What continent includes Spain? Can students identify any of Spain’s neighboring countries? Note how close Spain is to Africa — this has been important in the history of Spain. While you’re thinking about Spain’s location, you… Continue reading