Trees Classroom Theme

Southern Hackberry

Trees are an essential element of our ecosystem. Get ready for Arbor Day by learning about trees, or just refresh your classroom with a sylvan theme. Dress your bulletin board with a Classroom Tree bulletin board set, and use a good tree saying: “We’re TREEmendous!” “Having a TREEriffic Year!” “Our… Continue reading

Dragons Classroom Theme

A dragon theme is a hot classroom theme for summer, and cool for any time of year. We haven’t found any ready-made bulletin board sets featuring dragons, but you can get creative with posters and party decorations. This scales border would be good: We found some online ideas for dragon… Continue reading

Unicorn Classroom Theme

Unicorns make us think of specialness, so they can make a great classroom theme. Fun Express makes unicorn bulletin board cutouts: The bulletin board set that goes with the unicorns doesn’t include more unicorns, but has a focus on magic and dreams: CTP has unicorn borders: Once you’ve chosen your… Continue reading